Ceramic ROSA


ROSA is a handmade ceramic tableware, which is manufactured according to old family tradition in Catalonia. The ceramics are lovingly handcrafted in a small craft workshop. Each plate is unique - this is the special charm of ROSA.

Materials, manufacturing processes and producers all come from the same region: the surrounding area of Barcelona. MAOMI discovered them there and was enthusiastic about the simple, elegant aesthetics, the feel and the discreet colouring of the glazes.

With our orders we contribute our part to the fact that the crafts enterprise can continue to exist in its rural environment. ROSA is available in three colours - Rose, Gris-Vert and Off-White. In the middle of autumn we plan to offer two more colours.

The outstanding quality and durability of this tableware are its hallmarks. ROSA is dishwasher safe.

Design: MAOMI
Origin: Spain
Material: Ceramics
Colours: Rose, Gris-Vert, Off-White

Dinner Plate: height 3 cm | Ø 25 cm
Desser Plate: height 2,5 cm | Ø 20 cm
Pasta Bowl: height 6 cm | Ø 20 cm